Radical Hospitality Course

NB. This is the course outline for the 2014 winter term. The 2015 syllabus and readings will be posted early in the new year.

Assigned course texts for 2015 are available from Crux Books


Syllabus: TRT2811HS

  1. Introductory Class
  2. Jan 16 – A Short History of Hospitality
    Illich, Hospitality and Pain
    Rowan Greer, Hospitality
    Homer & Hospitality (Updated Link)
  3. Jan 23 — Homefullness, & Hospitality
    Bachelard, Poetics of Space
    Walsh, Beyond Homelessness
  4. Jan 30 – Public Lecture: James Loney
  5. Feb 6—Welcoming the Other: Strangers, Gods, Monsters
    Matthews, Hospitality in Judges 4
    Matthews, Hospitality in Gen 19 & Judges 19
         Levinas, The Dwelling
         Levinas, On the Name of God
  6. Feb 13 – Public Lecture: Mary Jo Leddy

    Simmel, The Stranger
    O’Conner, A Good Man is Hard to Findas read by the author
  7. Reading Week: Feb 20 — Public Lecture: Cheri DiNovo

  8. Feb 27 – Limits of Hospitality
    Wrobleski, Limits of Hospitality
         Derrida, Of Hospitliaty pt 2 (Note: Read only odd-numbered pages [i.e. those written by Derrida[)
         Boersma, Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross (As referred to in Wrobleski reading)
  9. March 6 – Public Lecture: Tom Reynolds

    Tom Reynolds, Vulnerable Communion
  10. March 13 – Toward a Theology of Hospitality
    Jennings, Hospitality, Ethics, and Politics
  11. March 20 – Public Lecture: Stephen Scharper
  12. 12. March 27 — Practicing Hospitality
    J.Chittuster, Hospitality Unbounded Heart
    Coles, Dorothy Day
  13. 13.  April 3 – Practicing Hospitality
    Nouwen, Reaching Out (Second Movement)


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