Radical Hospitality Course 2015

Syllabus: Radical Hospitality 2015

  1. Introductory Class
  2. Jan 15 – Elements of a Theology of Hospitality
  3. Jan 22 — A Short History of Hospitality
    Rowan Greer, Hospitality
  4. Jan 29 – Public Lecture: Mark MacDonald: “Hospitality and the Aboriginal Experience”
  5. Feb 5—Public Art Workshop: Phyllis Novak
  6. Feb 12 – Strangeness, Homefulness, and Hospitality
    Bachelard, Poetics of Space
    Simmel, The Stranger
    Illich, Hospitality and Pain
    Walsh, Beyond Homelessness
  7. Feb 26 – The Ethics and Limits of Hospitality
         Levinas, The Dwelling
         Levinas, On the Name of God
  8. March 5 – Public Interfaith Workshop: Shari Golberg
    Matthews, Hospitality in Judges 4
    Matthews, Hospitality in Gen 19 & Judges 19
  9. March 12 – Public Lecture: Mary Jo Leddy
  10. March 19 – The Ethics and Limits of Hospitality [Instructor away]
         Derrida, Of Hospitliaty pt 2 (Note: Read only odd-numbered pages [i.e. those written by Derrida[)
    Jennings, Hospitality, Ethics, and Politics
  11. March 26 – Toward a Theology of Hospitality
  12. April 2 [Maundy Thursday, to be rescheduled] – The Spirituality of Hospitality
    J.Chittuster, Hospitality Unbounded Heart
    Nouwen, Reaching Out (Second Movement)

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