The FEAST of JEREMIAH { Saturday September 20 }

Feast of Jeremiah Poster

Feast Days are a historic tradition created by the early church to commemorate and celebrate various persons who gave their lives to the Christian way of life. These “saints” were often martyrs; others were important leaders or reformers. The Eastern Orthodox tradition also includes Hebrew prophets such as Jeremiah (recognized May 1 annually). The purpose of a Feast Day is to remember the significance of a particular person: what s/he did, how s/he modeled faith, etc. Ultimately, Feast Days are an essential part of the common worship of the church because they incorporate us into a particular people and inscribe us into a particular story.

While there is no Feast Day for the prophet Jeremiah in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, The Jeremiah Community has initiated an annual celebration of our namesake in order to reflect more deeply on this renegade prophet who inspired a rich and radical tradition.

Some of the reflections from this year’s feast can be read HERE.

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