The Spirit of Urbanism: Faith & Urban Life, 2019 — Readings

Course syllabus

January 17 — The City in the Christian Imagination

Stringfellow, The Church and the City 

Goringe, The_meaning_of_the_city

S o U_ Session 2 (Slides)

January 24 — The City in the Urban Disciplines 

Castells, Space of Flows…

Mumford, What is a City?

Wirth, Urbanism as a Way of LIfe

January 31 — The Good City 

Amin, The Good City

February 7 — The Spiritual City 

Merton, Streets are for Celebration-1

Sidewalk Labs_ Google’s Guinea-Pig City in Toronto – The Atlantic 
Or, link directly to the article here.

February 14 — Race and Place 

W. J. Jennings, Whiteness_isnt_progress

February 28 — Gentrification and Displacement 

Coulthard, Dispossession and Indigenous Sovereignty in the City

Slater, gentrification in Canadian Cities

March 7 — Unsettling and Placemaking 

The Ogimaa Mikana Project 

Blight & King, “Naming is a good start

March 14 — Walking

Sheldrake on Certeau

Michel de Certeau, Practice of Everyday Life (exerpts)

March 21 — Commoning

Blencowe, Spirituality of the Commons

Gibson-Graham, Commoning as Postcapitalist Politics




Past Courses 

This fall Jason McKinney will be offering his Radical Hospitality course again. A syllabus can be found here.

This course begins with a phenomenological and theological exploration of the theme of hospitality. The results of this analysis are then be brought to bear on the concrete and local reality of gentrification. The course concludes by seeking to develop a set of (spiritual) practices of hospitality.

A portion of the course will take the form of a public lecture series, co-sponsored by the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust.  Not only will this allow the class to extend a kind of hospitality to the local community, but it will also allow us to learn from a number of people with specialized knowledge of urban life and gentrification.

Previous years’  courses are listed here:

Stephen Scharper taught a course here in Parkdale entitled, Creation Care in the City. Here he is describing the course from the previous year in Hamilton.

Taste and See: A Theology of Food — Offered in the fall of 2015.

Radical Hospitality 2015

Radical Hospitality 2014

Audio recordings of past public lectures can be streamed or downloaded here.