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 The Jeremiah Community

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  1. This is Robert, I am a Ugandan aged 29 years, am seeking to become volunteer with your community, kindly let me know if you offer any of such.
    God bless and hope to hear from you.

    1. Robert,
      If you are in Toronto, there are lots of ways to connect with the community. If not, perhaps our Rule of Life could be of use in your own context.

  2. I saw a tweet about the community attached to an email I received. When I went to your website, I discovered that you meet at a church I used to attend (Epiphany St Mark’s). I’ve been worshipping over at Christ Church St James on Park Lawn for the last 26 years! It’s great to see such a vital ministry as The Jeremiah Community happening in Parkdale! Since I typically don’t “tweet”, can you put me on an email list? I’m interested in what you have going on.

    1. Donald,
      Happy to add you to the email list. And glad to know you have a connection to Parkdale.

  3. My name is Gloria Kim and I’m part of the parish of St. Matthias-Bellwoods. I’m reaching out because I’m organizing for World AIDS Week on Dec. 6 at St. Matthias with Father Jeffry Kennedy and Mother Joyce Barnett and wanted to invite the Jeremiah Community to come.

    We’re including some great speakers from ACAS, CAAT and Black CAP as well as Father Jeff and Mother Joyce and we will speak to HIV Stigma Reduction and issues of faith in the community. I have more info on a flyer that I’d love to send you but your email bounced back. Please let me know if there’s another way to reach you.
    Many thanks,

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